Settlement Summary

On 3 November 2011 the Crown and two iwi of Te Hiku o Te Ika (Te Rarawa and Te
Aupouri) agreed that the deeds of settlement setting out collective redress and redress
specific to each iwi are ready for members of the iwi to decide on ratification.

The Te Aupouri deed includes both collective and individual redress and is summarised
below. It is available for download here Te Aupouri numbers approximately 9,333 and is represented in negotiations by thetrustees of Te Runanga Nui o Te Aupouri Trust. Negotiations between the Crown and Te Aupouri began in 2000, and the first Agreement in Principle was signed in 2004.

Summary of the Historical Background to the Claims by Te Aupouri:

The historical account contained in the deed describes the impact of Crown policies on Te
Aupouri from the nineteenth century when the Crown purchased a substantial amount of
land without setting aside adequate reserves for Te Aupouri, the forced cession of land
at Ruatorara (East Beach) as reparation for a settler, the operation and impact of the
native land laws and twentieth century land administration, which removed most of the
remaining land from Te Aupouri control for decades. The cumulative impact of Crown
actions and omissions left many Te Aupouri without sufficient suitable land for their
needs. Te Aupouri who remained in their rohe live in one of the most deprived areas in
New Zealand.

For a full description of the historical grievances please refer to the historical account in
the deed.