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Call us +64 9 4098006

Pōtahi Marae

Pōtahi Marae is situated at 2 Pōtahi Road in Te Kao which is 1 hour north of Kaitaia and approximately 5 hours north of Auckland.

Make a booking

Rosie Conrad (Treasurer) 09 409 8006

Marae Hire Rates

  • Bond

  • S 300 Applies to daily rate
  • Immediately payable upon confirmation of hire and receipt of signed hire agreement, when the period exceeds six (6) hours.
  • Daily Rate

  • $ 300 6hrs+
  • Hire commences the First Day the Marae is booked and ends when the keys are returned to Te Kao Local Store
  • Hourly Rate

  • $ 30 Up to 6 hours
  • not exceeding 6 hours

    i.e. 4 hours = $120, 7 hours = daily rate $300

  • Birthday Celebrations 80+

  • Free
  • Free – only the day of the celebration

Additional Costs

  • Chiller Hire – $50 per day

Conditions of Hire


  1. The Marae Hire in this document is the entire Marae Complex & it’s surrounding grounds
  2. Sub-leasing of our premises is prohibited
  3. Permission to erect Marquees, Tents, Campervans and the like on Marae grounds must be granted by the Marae Trustees prior to hire
  4. Once the booking is received a bond of $300.00 must be received within 10 working days.  Failure of payment will void the booking leaving the Marae free to be hired by other whanau/organisations/kura
  5. The signed Conditions of Hire must be received by the secretary prior to the bond being deposited
  6. The bond will be returned if all conditions of hire are satisfied and a final inspection is completed by a Marae Trustee or a person appointed by the Marae Trustees – the bond will be retained by the Marae Trustees to pay for any breakages, insufficient cleaning which will be rectified by a cleaner, missing equipment
  7. Cancellation of bookings less than twenty-one (21) days notice will forfeit the bond.
  8. The hire will start on the first day the Marae is booked and will terminate on the final day of hire.  Marae keys must be returned to Te Kao Local Store on the final day of hire or handed to a Marae Executive Committee member
  9. Full payment will be made to the Marae Treasurer (or a member of the executive committee) no later than one week prior to commencement of hire.  The only exception is a tangi when final payment must be received on the day of the tangi/nehu
  10. The chiller can be made available for two days prior to the commencement hire at a rate of $50.00 per day, only if Marae is not hired already
  11. The Hirer is advised to inspect facilities prior to hire, including Chillers & Cooking equipment. Assistance will be made available to familiarise the Hirer with the operation of all facilities, if required


  1. The Hirer must not open any account with any party using Potahi Marae or Te Kao Marae
  2. Approval for use of the Marae Accounts must sort prior to hire, these accounts are available for tangihanga only


  1. Smoking inside the Marae buildings is strictly prohibited
  2. Our Marae is now smoke free.  Please unsure you smoke in the designated areas
  3. The collection of any cigarettes butts around the Marae must be removed upon completion of hire

Illegal Drugs

  1. Any persons found to be taking any illegal Drugs on the entire Marae Complex will be reported to the Police and banned from the Marae for a period agreed to by the Trustees.


  1. Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the marae grounds without pre-approval from marae trustees. Special conditions apply: Alcohol Conditions

Marae Property / House-keeping

  1. The Marae must be kept clean at all times
  2. The Water & Electricity usage must always be kept at a minimum. If the hirer is found to be negligent with the use of water and electricity the Marae Trustees reserve the right to enforce an additional cost to the hireage
  3. All outdoor lights must be switched off during the day
  4. The Hirer must ensure the Toilets & Showers are cleaned DAILY during the period of the hire
  5. The Hirer will have use of the washing machine & clothes dryer for Marae tea towels & aprons only.  No clothing will be washed or dried in the Marae washing machine or dryer.  All kitchen tea towels, aprons and personal clothing must be hung on the clothes line provided. No personal clothing will be hung or left on the fences surrounding the Marae, inside the toilets or the showers.
  6. The removal of all Marae property, including crockery, cutlery, utensils, bowls or pots (other than for cleaning purposes) is strictly prohibited
  7. All breakage, damage, malfunction or loss of equipment must be reported immediately
  8. All breakage, damage, malfunction or loss will be investigated and if the Hirer is found responsible or negligent, all repair and or replacement costs will be borne by the Hirer
  9. The Hirer must ensure proper security and supervision is in place during the full term of hire
  10. It will be the responsibility of the Hirer to collect & remove all rubbish from the entire Marae complex upon completion of Hire at their own cost


  1. The use of the Chillers should be limited. The Marae provides a freezer and refrigerator if goods are minimal.  Caution: the temperature of the Chillers should be below 0ºC when in operation. You must contact a Trustee if temperatures are above this reading
  2. When the chillers are in operation, they are to be kept closed at all times
  3. Foods must be separated i.e. Fish, Meats, and Shellfish to the right chiller and prepared and cooked foods to the left chiller
  4. Chillers must be mopped and wiped down with detergent and hot water upon completion of hire.  Do not hose to clean


  1. The use of the Dishwasher should be limited.  It takes up to a half hour to heat the dishwasher.  Please do not switch on if dishes are minimal. Please ask a trustee if you are unfamiliar with its operation.  Caution: when the dishwasher is in operation the water is scalding hot. Do not put hands inside the dishwasher when opened
  2. Ensure all dishes are clear at the side of the baskets before closing
  3. Please refrain from placing plastic bowls or other plastic articles inside the dishwasher
  4. You must empty the dishwasher prior to attempting to clean the inside. Ensure that the dishwasher is switched OFF prior to removing any of its internal baskets. Appropriate rinsing detergents are available under the dishwasher bench for final cleaning

Combi Oven

  1. The use of the Combi Oven is prohibited to those not familiar with its operation.  You must ask a Trustee for operational assistance
  2. The use of the Combi should be limited.  It takes up to a half hour to fill and pre-heat.  The Marae provides a Stove and gas hot plates if the cooking is minimal
  3. Keep clear of door when opening during cooking
  4. Appropriate stainless steel trays are available for use in the Combi. Do not place pots, pans or crockery inside the Combi whilst cooking
  5. Appropriate detergents are available for the final self-cleaning rinse

Linen / Kitchen Towels

  1. All Bedding Linen/Table Cloths must be professionally CLEANED and PRESSED at the Hirer’s cost & returned no later than 5 days after completion of hire by the hirer.
  2. All Kitchen Tea Towels & Aprons must be washed, folded & returned on completion of hire.  Tea towels must NOT be left in the washing machine or hanging on the clothesline.

Personal Injury / Loss or Damage

  1. The Marae Trustees are not responsible for any injury to any person or persons on the Marae.
  2. The Marae Trustees are not responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property on the Marae.