Potahi Papakainga

Want to join our whānau on Pōtahi Papakainga?

Ray White application here

Managed by Ray White Real Estate, all Te Aupouri registered members are welcome to apply by completing and returning Tenancy applications to the office or via email to info@teaupouri.iwi.nz.

New homes – late 2021 Te Runanga Nui o Te Aupouri secured funding from Ministry or Housing and Urban Development to build an additional 16 news homes to add to the current 22 homes and 3 kuia kaumatua flats. As of September 2023 8 of the planned 16 houses are on site.

Pōtahi papakainga has long been an Iwi aspiration, and an ongoing Rūnanga project for many years, supporting whānau into housing.

1957 – The kaumatua flats were built

1991 – 6 new homes built

1992 – 5 new homes built

2000 – 2 new homes built and 2 relocated homes placed on site

2012 – Aupouri Maori Trust Board established Aupouri Property Limited specifically for Te Aupouri housing.

2013 – Aupouri Property Limited purchase Kuia Kaumatua flats from Aupori Maori Trust Board.

2014 – Aupouri Maori Trust Board offered homes for sale to the then tenants.  Only 1 home was sold as Licence to Occupy and 1 home for removal.

2015 – Aupouri Maori Trust Board secured Social Housing Funding to build a further 6 new homes

2015 – Te Runanga Nui o Te Aupouri acquire Aupouri Property Limited and the Potahi Papakainga

2021 – Te Runanga Nui o Te Aupouri applied to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to build a further 6 homes but was offered the funding to build 16 homes.

2022 – Infrastructure building works begin to enable another 16 homes to be built on the site.

2023  – 8 houses on site with the remaining 8 expected by the end of 2023