Puna Wai Ora

Puna Wai Ora is a water initiative ensuring our whānau can be resilient and have access to their own water supplies in times of crisis and drought by way of water tank installation. Beginning in 2021, Puna Wai Ora has seen the installation of over 100 water tanks across Te Hiku. The impact of this project has been hugely beneficial, not only through enabling whanau to access clean drinking water, but by creating local job opportunities and apprenticeships in the plumbing industry.

We are proud to see our Puna Wai Ora Team, receive recognition for their work, announced the winners of the Infrastructure NZ Building Nations 2023 Social Outcomes Award.

For more information about this initiative, or to check if you’re eligible to receive a Puna Wai Ora Tank installation, visit Puna Wai Ora website here: https://www.punawaiora.org/